Challenge: Privacy and security
Idea Type: New idea
Team: I have a complete team
IDEA: Truelty
Young people aged 13 – 17 are increasingly at risk of being exposed to unhealthy and upsetting online behaviour from their peers. Whilst technology can be a powerful and positive tool, it also brings with it the potential to carry out harmful actions, including peer-topeer online sexual harassment. In a study of 799 youth ages 12-17, it was found that 90% of youth using social media said that when they witness online meanness, they ignore it (Levy et al., 2012). About 67% of teens who have witnessed online cruelty have also witnessed others joining in – and 21% said they have also joined in the harassment.
Twenty-one percent of women ages said they have been sexually harassed online, more than twice the number of men in the same age group who say they have experienced it, according to a Pew Research Center survey released in July 2017. The survey found that overall, men are more likely than women to experience any form of online harassment, which includes physical threats and name-calling, but women expressed more concern about it, according to the survey. Seventy-percent of women -- and 83% of women -- believe online harassment is a major problem.
On a survey that was ran in 2017 with over 3000 young people aged 13 – 17 across the UK, Denmark and Hungary by ChildNet and European Union, 31%of respondents had seen people their age creating fake profiles of someone to share sexual images, comments or messages in the last year, while almost half (47%) witnessed other young people sharing personal details of someone who is seen as 'easy'. 1 in 10 respondents said their boyfriend or girlfriend had pressured them to share nude images in the last year, with girls being more likely to report this. Almost half of respondents aged 13 – 17 years (47%) said that they have witnessed people their age editing photos of someone to make them sexual, for example putting their face on a pornographic image or placing sexual emojis over them.
The effect online sexual harassment of this …
Hi, we are from Quaran Team,
Hibatul Ghazi – Business (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)
Muhammad Hilmi Asyrofi – Machine Learning and Artificial Intellegence Expert (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
Hammad Syarif – Software Engineer (Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesia)
Ghiant Masua Khols – Backend Engineer (Andil & Binar Academy, Indonesia)
We propose new solution, our app name is Truelty. Truelty is an app to prevent and defend teenager (age 12-18) from online sexual harrashment. Truelty consist of two main parts, the Truelty Keyboard and Truelty Dashborad. Once you install Truelty app, you will be directed to Truelty dashboard and you can start to use Truelty Keyboard too as your default keyboard in Android.
Truelty Keyboard Feature :
1. Truelty Prevent Cruelty
Truelty embedded with natural language processing that can prevent any harsh, obscene, dirty, and bad words being sent online by the user.
2. Truelty Protecc
Within few tap without changing screen, Truelty can easily screenshot and record suspected user who are doing online sexual harrashment. With "unsend" feature on social media nowadays, suspected criminal are possible to eliminate sexual harrashment evidence. Truelty Protecc can prevent suspect eliminate the sexual harrashment evidence by saving incoming online harrashment chat notification that goes into the social media account, we use the same algorithm that used by apple 3d touch previewing incoming chat/dm without even mark them as read.
Truelty Dashboard Feature :
1. Treulty Care
Truelty Care is a place where user can share their mental health issue and current condition to psychologist that are expert in that field. User can use anonymous identity here using Truelty App.
2. Truelty Law Support
Truelty Law Support is a place where user can find an attorney that can protect user's rights and best interests during the official complaint process, mediation with the suspected criminal and a sexual harassment trial, if necessary.

Idea name: Truelty
Idea Type: New idea
Challenge: Privacy and security
Team: I have a complete team
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