Challenge: Education; Health; Tech
Idea Type: New idea
Team: I have a complete team
IDEA: Frenzy App
In different countries, people (especially teenager or young couples) are unaware of proper knowledge of Sex. They don't know about health precautions, good Sex position, etc.
Like use of word "Sex" in public will make others uncomfortable. So, we find the root cause of hestitation and cure it.
Moreover, Long-distance couples need to pleasure their partners, so, how to do it?
Also, if someone forced girls or women when they are alone, then, how to tackle that situation?
Solution- We designed an App for solving this problem.
Description of an App
1. About Sex education - for grade 6-9 students( at this time hormones of boy/girl enhanced )
2. Different positions - for young couples
3. Before n after sex - for first time Sex queries
4. For health - for general reproductive health
5. For long distance couple
-there is hardware Sex toy (Access Bluetooth of smartphone) for both partner that can be controlled by opposite partner to seduce eachother
means Vibrator is controlled by boy, seduce their girl
likewise, Jelly roll controlled by girl
Similarly, introduce two toys also. Jelly walker for girl & Vibrator ring for boy that enhance pleasure
6. For panic/ forced situation, there is 5 self defence tech with self practice assessment test and videos
7. We will also suggest maintainance calories for the person according to their body weight and height, for the proper functioning of sex hormones.

Idea name: Frenzy App
Idea Type: New idea
Challenge: Education; Health; Tech
Team: I have a complete team
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