Challenge: Education
Idea Type: New idea
Team: I have a team, but we are open to new team members
IDEA: ¡Que Papaya!
The lack of knowledge and awareness about the female pleasure that affects women and couples sex lives. In traditional societies, this lack of knowledge is based on the shame that surrounds female pleasure as she has is expected to adopt the only reproductive and passive role. On the other hand, the main relevance of sexuality is located in the man's pleasure but they only get to learn about sex mainly through porn. In consequence, be it couples or individuals, people, tend to have an incomplete approach to sexuality and sex.
Our solution consists of a Game App both fun and knowledgeable, that will helps its users to explore female pleasure and develop a healthy sex life. The game will be available for Android and iPhone.
The game can be played both by individuals and couples. Both men and women can play alone in order to get to know themselves better and explore other means of pleasure.
The App is called "Qué Papaya!" in Spanish. The name comes from a double sense word in this language. The fruit resembles the female sexual organ, but the phrase means "It's so easy". This reflects the intention of the app: It is easy and fun to have a better sexual life!
The App "Que Papaya!" has the following sections:
Questionnaires: Self-discovery that can be shared with your couple.
Couples: Explore together new pleasure activities.
Sex tips
Games: A series of short games
Role Play: Each user is assigned a role, but the other one doesn't know. They can either enjoy the experience or guess.
Truth or dare: A sequence of questions that the users have to face.
Virtual dices: Random parts of the body, noises and poses! For when you don't what to think and just act!
Photo guide: Learn how to take the sexiest pics around!
Community: Espace where the users can post their questions and own tips.
Idea name: ¡Que Papaya!
Idea Type: New idea
Challenge: Education
Team: I have a team, but we are open to new team members
Idea Author: Ivonne Arica Ruiz
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